7 Days Secret 4D Hyaluronic Serum

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7 Days Secret –

1 day, day and night, twice a day, with constant skin care for 7 days will start to show the difference.

In 4 weeks, you can feel your skin has improved.


1.Contains quadruple Hyaluronic in 12,000 ppm –

Contained quadruple Hyaluronic help hydrate your skin, and to make your skin moist and smooth by making moisture film on the skin. It also protects the skin from harmful external environments, improving wrinkles over time and providing elasticity as well as firmness to the skin over time.

2.Contains Hibiscus extract

Hibiscus extracts are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent melanin pigmentation, helps skin whitening, skin overall health, and brings vitality to the skin.

3.Producing the natural luster of the skin

Hyaluronic Serum reduces the heat of the dull skin and powerfully hydrates the rough skin and is also excellent for exfoliating, making skin naturally glowing.

4. Dual Function – Whitening & Wrinkle Improvement

With adenosine and niacin-amide content, it improves wrinkles and prevents discoloration-inducing patients with a complex of water-soluble vitamin B to make skin tone brighter and healthier.


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