7 Days Secret Vita Plus-10 Cleansing Foam

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7 Days Secret –

1 day, day and night, twice a day, with constant skin care for 7 days will start to show the difference.

In 4 weeks, you can feel your skin has improved.


1.Contains vitamine Fruit extract

Vitamin C and E help soothe sensitive and tired skin, providing vitality and protecting it from harmful substances outside. It also serves as a skin conditioner to help improve and manage your skin.

2.Contains Lemon extract

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is very good for skin health and also produces collagen to prevent wrinkles.

3.Contains Panthenol

It gets involved in the supply of moisture to the skin and scalp to soothe them which easily get tired and rough. It also hydrates for moist finish after washing.

4.Contains Niacinamide & Adenosine (Dual Function)

A complex of water-soluble vitamin B prevents discoloration-inducing substances in the skin, improving skin tone and restoring skin’s self-sustaining power


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